Fermented Foods!


We are working to develop a full line of fermented products that are local, seasonal and full of all the enzymes and other beneficial organisms that benefit our health and help us maintain a better balance in our lives and environment.

About Wild Earth Farms

WEF is a mission to embolden high quality vegetables and allow us to enjoy them in a naturally-preserved state throughout the whole year. Through the WWOOF program and traveling on their “Slow Tour” by Bicycle, founders Bri & Grant engaged with and helped work on over a dozen small farms. They learned a deep respect for these farmers and how important and precious the food coming from these places is. Understanding the benefits of “real food” and preventing food waste, Wild Earth Farms strives for collective health and well-being of our community in Richmond, Virginia.

Our Products

Garden Spice Kraut

A Savory Sauerkraut featuring familiar flavors of Celery, Garlic, Cumin, and Black Pepper. Great on Sausages, Potatoes, or with Cooked Vegetables.

Clean Caraway Kraut

Our most basic Kraut with the classic taste of Caraway Seeds. Perfect for adding fermented Crunch and Flavor to meals.

Lemon Rosemary Kraut

A tart and tangy Sauerkraut with a pretty color – it livens up food with pucker and pomp. Chicken and Rice dishes and Mashed Potatoes work well.

Smokey Sauerruben

A ferment blending thick-cut Turnips and Carrots with Smoked Sea Salt resulting in a hearty, satisfying super-condiment.

Aubergine - Eggplant Spread

A Local-styled Tapenade- good for Cheese Plate or Charcuterie. Very rich Italianesque Spread with Basil, Oregano & Olive Oil.

Mexi-Cali Street Corn

Spicy Corn & Jalapenos- what’s not to love?! They make killer Tacos, Eggs, and anything else – really, anything..

Wildfire Hot Sauce

The Original WEF Hot Sauce- balanced Heat, great color and flavor for all Hot Sauce needs. Uses many types of peppers and loads of them!

Green Queen
Pepper Sauce

Smokey, Green and Fierce- a Salsa Verde worth the space in your fridge. Boasting flavors of Garlic, Lemon and Brown Sugar with Green Peppers & Tomatoes.

We are always looking to connect with new people be they local farms, small businesses, or just people that want to say hello and send us suggestions.

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